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From Ebay Zero to Power-Selling Hero: How To Learn New Tricks Without Spending

The Internet is the fastest-changing marketplace on earth. Million-dollar ideas from one year ago might notgenerate a single penny today. And the best search engineoptimization strategies from months ago may be completelyinvalid now.

But this doesn't affect the best Internet entrepreneurs.It only hurts the one-hit wonders. In fact, it is what separates the top sellers from the struggling sellers.

Most of the struggling sellers rely entirely on the information they get from ebooks.

The best entrepreneurs know that you must be able to conduct your own analysis if you want to stay on the top.Books and courses can help you get there, but ultimately,you must learn how to conduct your own research.

Now, you can spend hundreds of hours and dollars researching this for yourself. Or you can purchasea service that does this for you.

Or, if you're looking to start your business on ashoe-string budget like most sellers, you can simplyuse the top-sellers' examples.

In today's lesson, I am going to show you one way youcan do this: reverse engineering.

Start by going to and searching for something you personally sell in your store. For example, if yousell stereos, search for stereo.

Take your list of results and use it to find successfulsellers. Look for powersellers, sellers with stores,sellers with large inventories, and sellers with alot of positive feedback.

Look at these sellers and try to determine the exactmethods they use to make sales: Do they use templates?--If so, how are they constructed? Do they use a lotof pictures? Do they use ad copy?

What words did they use in the title? Is there asubtitle? Is it featured? Is it bold? What date and timedid they list it? Is it part of a dutch auction?

Does the seller own an Ebay store?--If so, how is that store arranged?

Does the seller get the majority of her auction trafficfrom Ebay or does she advertise somewhere else?

How many items are in the seller's inventory? Whatprice ranges do her auctions span? How do her pricescompare to yours?

Does she purchase her inventory from another Ebay seller?--If so, can you also use that seller to stockyour inventory?

There are dozens of questions you can ask andcorresponding answers for all of them. You must determine what you need to ask--and then use thereverse engineering method to answer it. - Written by Isaiah Hull, author of "How to Profiton Ebay In Seven Days Without Spending A Single Penny." For a limited time only you can get a pre-publication copy of his book for ONE-FOURTH the post-publication price!


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