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Auction Information

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To eBay or NOT to eBay

FACT: eBay's Gross Merchandise Sales (GMS) 2003 - GMS, the total value of items sold, was a record $24 billion, representing a 60% year-over-year increase from the $15 billion reported in the full year 2002FACT:Over 79 million times a day, eBay users find products and brands of their choice.FACT:In the final quarter of 2003, reported and increase of 41.

Negating Negative Feedback on eBay

Taking some pride in my one hundred percent positive feedback score on eBay, I was horrified to see a negative feedback appear against me.What had I done wrong? Had I overlooked an auction win and failed to deliver product as promised? Had I given poor, slow service? Was I rude to the auction winner?Certainly, if I had been guilty of any of these things, the negative feedback may have been deserved.

How to Make Money from Internet Auctions

If your business is not using eBay and other Internet auctions, you could be missing out. Here are just a few ways of generating additional income, profits and cashflow from online auctions.

Smart Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Online Auctions

It seems as if everyone is talking about online auctions. And why not.

Four Huge Mistakes Ebay Sellers Make (Even Some Moderately Successful Ones)

No matter how many times I see it happening, I'mconstantly amazed at the number of people who areliterally throwing money away by making incrediblysimple mistakes when they sell items in an onlineauction. Over the last seven years, I've been making a greatliving buying and selling products on eBay and otheronline auction sites, and I've perfected a techniquethat pretty much guarantees anyone can start making aprofit right away.

Get Yourself A Piece of The eBay Pie

Ebay is without a doubt the greatest internet marketing phenomenon of all time. Millions of people log on every minute and every second there are hundreds of items listed, sold and bought, and of course money is made.

Garage Sales, Flea Markets, and Special Events... Oh My!

The activity chart is an ingenious way to find, in order, events happening in your community throughout the day. Plug in 'www.

Police Auctions & Government Auctions Professional Resource Information

Police Auctions Information:No, a police auction is not where you go to buy a policeman. Most people do not realize that police agencies, including local police departments, county sheriff departments, as well as state and federal law enforcement agencies end up with a lot of confiscated, lost, or abandoned property.

eBay Online Auction Sniping Secrets

Since their introduction several years ago, online auctions, such as eBay, have been one of the hottest destinations on the World Wide Web. Auction sellers are attracted by the prospect of a broad venue for their products and the possibility of high profits resulting from emotion-driven bidding wars.

How To Increase eBay Profits

Some sell on eBay to clean out their garage or attic.Some sell to make a little extra money here and there.

Instructions on How to Put Picture on Ebay

Like many folks, you have heard of online auctions. Heck, even non-computer users have heard of Ebay.

Photos on my eBay Auctions: How Do I Add Them?

On another forum I'm involved with, someone's asked a great question: I want to sell products on eBay, but I want to include photographs with my items. How do I do that? What kind of camera do I need, and what settings should I use?The first step is to buy a digital camera.

eBay Auction Bidding Strategies--Overcoming the most Frustrating Situation on eBay

The Problem..

eBay: What Should I Sell?

There is an art to picking profitable products. It's not just what you want to sell but rather what will sell.

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Hong Kong unrest could rattle big auctions
Trouble in the streets could disrupt a big series of art and collectible auctions in Hong Kong over the next few weeks. Christie's and Sotheby's are scheduled to hold at least 17 auctions in Hong Kong in the coming weeks, selling everything from ...

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Asbury Park Press

Fort Monmouth to auction off everything not tied down
Asbury Park Press
The Auctioneers Group next week is holding the first of several auctions as they start selling off furniture, machines and other items in buildings that will be eventually demolished at Fort Monmouth which is slowly being turned over to the local ...

Cash-strapped Kansas auctions huge lot of seized sex-toys
Boing Boing
GOP governor Sam Brownback's "experiment" in tax/spending cuts produced a $300M budget deficit; they're selling off a massive lot of sex toys and porn seized from a company that wouldn't pay its tax-bills. “Brownback is so desperate to fill the massive ...
Sex toy auction underway for unpaid taxesKRMG

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Storage auctions bring out the curious
Clinton Herald
Storage auctions are usually a lot of fun and can be profitable. Are they like the ones you see on television? Most of the time no. Can you buy valuable items in there? Yes. What types of items have been found in storage auctions? You usually always ...

What the Kansas sex toy auction is really about
The headlines promise a sexy story — a state resorting to the sale of sex toys to fill a budget shortfall. And there's truth to it — Kansas is getting money from the auctioning of adult toys to recoup some taxes owed to the state. But the whole thing ...


Kansas Uses Sex Toy Auction To Help Close Budget Gap
After seizing inventory from a chain of adult novelty shops that had not paid state taxes, the state set up an auction to allow the owner to pay back his debts. The proceeds from auctioning off hundreds of pornographic videos alongside vibrating ...
Kansas government approves sex toy auction to settle scofflaw's tax debtFox News
Kansas Faces Budget Crisis, Auctions Off a Ton of Sex ToysCosmopolitan (blog)
Sex toys to be auctioned to pay business' delinquent Kansas
Mother Jones
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First of two Lamar Construction auctions held Tuesday
"This auction that we're holding is an opportunity for assets to go out to some of the other construction companies and other businesses in the area," said Bill Melvin of Liquid Asset Partners. "They're able to use in their projects to make a little ...

Treasury Auctions for the Week of Sept. 29
New York Times
The Treasury's schedule of financing this week includes Monday's regular weekly auction of new three- and six-month bills and an auction of four-week bills on Tuesday. At the close of the New York cash market on Friday, the rate on the outstanding ...

Two Auctions, Saturday, October 4th – Granvil's Auction
Coleman News
Furn.: Oak ent. center – dine tbl w/6 chairs – sideboard by Kindel – sm hutch – flip top end tbl – camel back trunk – (3) wood shelf units – 2 rnd tbls – 3 HD file cabs – flatscreen TV – apt. sz frig – king headboard & frame – sev misc chairs, rockers ...

New York Mansion Favored by the Clintons is Heading to Auction
Curbed National
After failing to find a buyer at $8.2M, a Lakeside compound in Skaneateles, New York, that Clinton the family stayed at on two occasions is heading to auction on October 25 starting at $3.8M. Bill, Hillary and new mom Chelsea Clinton spent five days ...

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